Western Saddle Fit DVD

I get asked a lot about saddle fit and this DVD is by far the best on the subject. I use to be one who would saddle on the shoulders and overpad my horse because I didn’t know better or I saw people I was around with doing it and I thought it was right. That was until I got interested in building saddles and reading the Nikkels blog articles on their website. There is no much bad information out there on saddle fit. I have seen videos of world champion barrel racers telling you to use a saddle that doesn’t fit your horse close in the first place and promoting shim pads to adjust this improper fit and creating even more issues. I even seen video of a colt starting champion trainer telling you to saddle on the shoulder blades. I first time I watched this DVD I knew I had to start selling it. It is well worth the buy and no matter your skill level you will learn something from it. Below is a short video on what's all in the DVD

Western Saddle Fit DVD

Western Saddle Fit DVD


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