For temporary relief of muscular soreness, minor sprains or stiffness caused by overexertion.


Limbers up muscles; induces circulation, giving ease and freedom of action. Prevents soreness and stiffness from tension and strain, restoring muscles to original state of suppleness and elasticity. Prevents stiffness of muscles, shoulder lameness, soreness of tendons and cording up over loins after race. Produces little or no scurfing.


Contains mineral oil, turpentine, peppers, mustard flour and other spices that remain moist and active for hours; no alcohol, acetone or other substances that dry skin.


Directions: Use before a race. For temporary relief of sore, stiff muscles - rub in all oil, skin will absorb. For best results apply hot compress, either moist or dry, or sponge with hot water to open pores. Towel dry then rub product in. As sweat - apply to affected area. Wrap with plastic wrap and cover with blanket or bandage. As leg brace - dilute 2 oz with 1 pint witch hazel and 1 pint rubbing alcohol. As body wash - add 2 oz to 1 quart rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or water. As stifle - rub small amount in stifle area daily.


Manufacturer: Hawthorne

Vita Oil Horse Liniment