Clinical strength poultice cools and draws swelling, heat and discomfort from legs and hooves quickly. Designed for performance horses under FEI regulations. Superior in addressing abscesses, bruising and discomfort on the sole or heels of the hoof. Beneficial for scratches and rashes. Gentle enough to use on horses with sensitive skin and will not blister or irritate. May be used as a hoof pack. Silky smooth blend is safe to use on hands when used without gloves.

Contains bentonite, calendula, arnica, MSM, glycerin and water.

Directions: Legs - Apply a thin layer to surface of leg. Can be used with or without paper, plastic wraps or bandages. Plastic increases heat exchange and will prevent poultice from drying too quickly. Easy removal; brush off legs, no hosing needed. Hooves - Apply directly to hoof sole pushing into all crevices around the frog. Use several times a week of after shoeing to increase moisture to ensure a soft, pliable, resilient sole, frog and hoof wall. For best results, to relieve discomfort, wrap hoof after application and allow to remain for 24 hours.

Ramard Relief Poutice