Veterinary syringe that simultaneously injects and marks an animal, with the mobility of a bottle mount vaccinator. Allows users to inject and mark the animal with a single motion using only one hand. Bottle of medication or vaccine directly connects to syringe, and can of Prima Marc paint mounts to top of device. A squeeze of the syringe handle activates the mounted paint can, and marks each animal as it is serviced. Helps ensure a farm's quality control efforts by encouraging safe administration practices. The applied paint helps verify and track administering medications, and adds another level of quality control for accurate record keeping. Patented.


Includes three bottle collars (20mm, 30mm, 33mm), 100ml Fast Fit, 250ml (30mm) Fast Fit and metal luer lock needle nut. Does not include paint. Use with Prima Marc Paint or Prima Marc Dye (sold separately).

Prima Marc BMV Vaccinator

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