Perfect for calves 3-8 weeks old.


Cordless gas dehorner makes it possible to dehorn and debud anywhere in the field, pen or barn. Kills horn growth and controls bleeding by cauterizing the blood vessels while minimizing potential of infection. Designed for and by farmers and veterinary surgeons.


Portasol III specifications:

• 225 watts
• Copper bud removers reach 1,200° F in 5 minutes
• Refills in just 20 seconds so you can quickly dehorn multiple calves
• Lasts 45 minutes

• Features both click-to-ignite and manual ignition


Packaged in a heavy-duty plastic storage case with cleaning wire brush, wrench to loosen hex nut to rotate cover, allen wrench to remove dehorning tips, 1 spare hex nut, 1 spare allen screw, 5/8" tip and multi-lingual instructions.

Portasol III Calf Dehorner

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