Help support cellular health by reducing oxidative stress helping to protect body cells and tissue. High levels of B vitamins help support normal neurological and immune function. 


Each 3 oz serving contains 5,000 mg magnesium, 5,000 mg l-lysine, 5,000 mg choline, 2,500 mg turmeric root powder, 2,500 mg cinchona bark extract, 1,000 mg ester-c, 500 mg grape seed extract, 250 mg turmeric extract, 150 mg zinc, 75 mg copper, 5 mg bioperine, 1 mg selenium, 5,000 mcg folic acid, 4,000 IU natural vitamin E, 1.5 billion CFUs active dry yeast, 2 billion CFUs probiotic blend and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. 


Directions: Feed 1.5 oz twice daily for 60 days. Maintenance - feed 1.5 oz daily for 120 days or continue as needed. 1.5 oz scoop enclosed.

MVP E-Clipse' PM Pellets