Rugged, portable hand-held RFID scanning device provides cable-free operation through rechargeable 7.2VDC NiMh battery pack and wireless communication via integrated Bluetooth® module. Reads and transmits identification code contained within passive transponder.


Black thumb-actuated Power On/Read button activates reader.


Red "Exciter Active" visual indicator alerts that reader is scanning a tag within range; audible beeper and green visual indicator alerts that tag was successfully scanned.


Battery pack provides optimum operating time for scanning livestock. Battery recharges using the detachable USB cable with an external wall adapter in 3.5 hours. Charges in 9 hours via computer. Amber "Battery" visual indicator alerts that reader needs to be recharged.


Features Blue "Bluetooth" visual indicator (flashing light = no connection, fixed light = connected). Once tag is detected, tag was automatically transmitted via this channel.


Compact enclosure is designed to be easily held and operated with either hand; convenient to position in vicinity of transponder being scanned. Reads Allflex HDX and FDX-B cattle ear tags at distance of 7.87" (optimum orientation). 3,000 IDs memory.


Includes Windows® PC utility program to configure reader, protective cover and a safety strap.


Weighs 10.6 oz with battery pack; measures 9.21" x 2.05" x 1.26". ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant.



LPR Series Livestock Pocket Reader

  • Allflex