Performance horses need extra support because they are exposed to difficult maneuvers such as hard stops, backing, deep turns, jumps, and long, full strides. As a result of performing these maneuvers the hock reaches a fully flexed position and a “vertical load” force is applied to the hock joints and the soft tissue of the lower limbs. Since the suspensory ligament attaches at the top of the cannon bone, just below the lower hock joints, it can become stressed or injured due to these forces from above.


The extra height of this new boot will help to save the upper suspensory ligament from injury during these strenuous performance maneuvers. The Iconoclast® Extra Tall Orthopedic Sport Boots features four upper straps in addition to our patented Double Sling® Straps which wrap around the base of the fetlock, lifting and cradling it with unparalleled 360-degree lateral support. Iconoclast®Boots provide properly balanced support to the vertically moving tissue of the equine leg. No other boot or wrap in the industry can give this much real, balanced, proper support.


Its very important to measure your horse so these boots will fit correctly. Please refer to the Measurement and Sizing instructions





Please follow these instructions to ensure the Iconoclast® Extra Tall Orthopedic Support Boots are right for your horse before moving on to determine what size you need.

Using a soft tape, measure from the center of your horse’s fetlock joint up to below the hock as shown in the illustration. The Blue Marker shows the height of the Extra Tall Orthopedic Support Boots while the Red Marker shows the height of our regular Orthopedic Support Boots. Keep in mind, these are NOT the measurements of the boot itself, but the actual measurement of the horse’s leg.



The sizing chart in the pictures is appropriate for all Iconoclast® Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boots. Iconoclast recommends using a soft tape measure. If you do not have a soft tape measure you can use something like string, wrap it around the fetlock, mark where the end meets the rest of the string and then simply lay it flat next to a tape measure, ruler or yard stick to get your measurement. 




Iconoclast Extra Tall Orthopedic Support Boots