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Concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement for all classes of horses.


Contains min 4%/max 4.5% calcium, min 4.6% phosphorus, min 0.8% magnesium, min 1.5% potassium, min 0.6%/max 1% sodium, min 0.017% copper, min 0.09% zinc, min 0.25% iron, min 0.06% manganese, min 400,000 IU/lb vitamin A, min 70,000 IU/lb vitamin D3, min 320 IU/lb vitamin E, min 320 mg/lb riboflavin, min 120 mg/lb thiamine, min 2,600 mg/lb choline, min 2,000 mg/lb niacin, min 240 mg/lb d-pantothenic acid, min 60 mg/lb vitamin B6, min 30 mg/lb inositol, min 20 mg/lb ascorbic acid, min 10 mg/lb folic acid and min 3 mg/lb vitamin B12.


Directions: Nursing foals - All foals should be started on a creep feed about 30 days after birth. Mix 2 oz supplement/1 Fresh Pack with 1 lb oats and feed mix to foal daily. As foal grows, increase oats to whatever amount it will readily eat daily.


Weanlings - Continue to feed 2 oz supplement/1 Fresh Pack with 8-10 lbs oats, 1 lb dehydrated alfalfa pellets, 1 lb of good oil meal and 6-8 lbs good quality grass-legume hay daily. For more fat on weanlings, replace a couple of lbs of oats with 2 lbs corn.


Adult horses - 2-3 oz/1 Fresh Pack daily to average 1,100 lb horse.


Continuous feeding of Daily Essentials, good clean food, good water, and adequate care and exercise are recommended for maintaining best condition of all horses.


Scoop included with 6 lb, 12 lb, and 25 lb sizes. 6 lbs = 48 servings.


Manufacturer: Formula 707

Formula 707 Daily Essentials Pellets for Horses