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All-in-one powder supplement engineered to prevent the risk of overlapping ingredients when mixing and matching supplements. EquineSaver contains over 300 essential nutrients for optimal health, peak performance and balanced nutrition, in just a single serving. Perfect for every life stage.


An excellent source for preventative nutrition and helps improve the health of your horse for years to come. Supports your horse's multiple physical systems and reduces health risks caused by systemic damage and parasites. Targets challenges to your horse's health from illness and injuries, and acts as an essential therapeutic to help promote healing. Helps avoid the malnutrition that commonly causes equine disease and unsoundness, and addresses the important role sports nutrition plays in your horse's performance.


Contains NutraSaver™ EQ, a special blend of essential vitamins, trace minerals, probiotics, enzymes, hoof care support, joint health, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, immune support, and more. Provides nutrients that are often deficient in the modern equine diet.


Directions: Maintenance - 1 scoop twice daily; Training/Athletic competition/Recovery from injury and surgery - 1-3 scoops twice daily. 3.3 lbs = 30 scoops.


Manufacturer: FIGUEROLA

EquineSaver All-in-One Superfood for Horses