Molded from custom-formulated, high-grade polyurethane, tags are flexible, rugged, lightweight and reliable in harsh weather conditions. DuFlex Visual Identification Panel Tags are available in blanks in a variety of bright, fade-resistant colors.


Self-piercing studs are specifically angled to provide small, clean incisions; treated with Infecta+Guard to reduce risk of infection and disease transfer and facilitate proper healing.


Available in sets of 25 in your choice of highly visible colors – blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white or yellow.


Also available by special order in black and neon green. Please contact for placing order.


This 1-1/8" diameter round metal-tipped tag is used by many hog producers as a "litter" tag or second tag. Complete with backs.


Apply with the Pro Grip II Universal Applicator.


Lifetime Warranty


Comes in packs of 25


DuFlex Standard Round Blank Tag

  • Destron Fearing