Flexible, rugged, lightweight and reliable in harsh weather conditions. Self-piercing studs are specifically angled to provide small, clean incisions; treated with Infecta+Guard to reduce risk of infection and disease transfer, and facilitate proper healing.


Marked with Dark and Durable marking technology, which starts with an initial indestructible Lasermark and is then overlaid with black ink that penetrates into the tag to offer bold, black numbers.


Extra large tag ideal for beef animals whose hair grows long in the ears. Longer neck makes it easy to read from a distance. Recommended for use on adult beef and dairy animals. Comes complete with black studs.


Available in orange, white or yellow.


Also available by special order in black, blue, green, neon green, pink, purple or red. Allow 3-4 weeks for tags to ship. Please contact to place order.


3"W x 4-3/4"H.


Apply with the Pro Grip II Universal Applicator (sold separately).


DuFlex Extra Large Numbered Tags

  • Destron Fearing