Molded from custom-formulated, high-grade polyurethane, tags are flexible, rugged, lightweight and reliable in harsh weather conditions.

DuFlex Visual Identification Panel Tags are available in numbered sets of 25 in convenient, resealable bags in your choice of highly visible orange or yellow. Also available by special order in blue, green, hot pink, purple, red or white, and in numbered sets over 100.

Marked with Dark & Durable marking technology, which starts with an initial indestructible Lasermark and is then overlaid with black ink that penetrates into the tag to offer bold, black numbers.

Self-piercing studs are specifically angled to provide small, clean incisions; treated with Infecta+Guard to reduce risk of infection and disease transfer, and facilitate proper healing.

Apply with the Pro Grip II Universal Applicator.

Extended Tags fall between the Extra Large and Large tags. Feature a long neck that hangs lower for greater visibility and larger number sizes compared to the Large tags.

2-1/2"W x 4"H. Complete with black studs.


DuFlex tags carry a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship when used as directed.

DuFlex Extended Numbered Tags

  • Destron Fearing