Constructed of durable plastics to be lightweight and economical. Comes with 32" soft non-kink, medical-grade, silicone tubing and stainless-steel reusable suction needles. Barrel is removeable and autoclavable for easy cleaning. Ergonomic handle design helps reduce hand fatigue.


Precise dosage adjustments - 1 ml model adjusts from 0.25 ml to 1 ml; 2 ml model adjusts from 0.25 ml to 2 ml; 5-6 ml model adjusts from 0.25 to 6 ml. Comes with 3 adaptors (20 ml, 30 ml and 33 ml), 100 ml bottle protector and spare parts (3 o-rings and 1 spring).

Automatic Syringe with Feeding Tube

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